Affordability is our goal. Quality our drive

Let us show you how producing an effective video with high-quality and compelling visuals is within your reach. Our staff will collaborate with you during every step of the production process ensuring the final piece will be ready on time, and within budget.

How does the process work? 


We begin with an initial meeting designed to identify all necessary information concerning the subject matter and the purpose of your project.  Together, we plan and produce a script which will serve as the project’s blueprint: visual elements, narration, music and graphics are laid out to get a realistic preview of the video before actual production takes place.  Pre-production is also where we plan logistical aspects such as shooting days, locations, equipment and supplies needed.


In this phase, our experienced technicians handle all processes involved in the capturing of images and sound that bring your project to life.  In utilizing state of the art equipment, combined with years of technical knowledge, we are able to produce a high-grade audio and video production at a fraction of the cost of similar productions only a few years ago.


Finally, our editors put all of the pieces together where recorded images, sound, music, tiles and other special effects come together to produce the final piece ready for your review and approval.

Our production services include, among others:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Educational/Instructional Videos
  • Commercials
  • Web Videos
  • 2d/3d Animations


We look forward to working on your next video or multimedia production!